T & T

T & T

Welcome to Truth and Training!

This club is for kids in 3rd through 6th grade. During these 4 years, they will explore the fundamental doctrines of Christianity including:

  • The character and nature of God
  • The structure and sequence of the Bible
  • The redemption narrative
  • Key practices for followers of Jesus

The handbook provides a fun and engaging Bible study for kids to learn and engage in the grace of God. Students will work in small groups with an AWANA leader to go over the work they did during the week. Large group time is designed to reinforce the small group time as well as provide an introduction to the next week’s Bible study. Game time, always a favorite, will be 30 minutes of action-packed, Christ-centered, fun.

Working in the Handbook

Everyone in the club will be working in the same handbook and at the same pace. There are Bible Studies, memory verses, extra credit, plus a fun story about T&T super heroes.

To ensure that the kids get the most out of the small and large group times, we’ve put together a schedule that will also help your student finish their book and receive their book award at the end of the year. Just click the link below to download

Should a student be absent one week, he should come prepared to do the current week’s lesson. Leaders will work with the student to make up any missed lessons.

For more information about the AWANA T&T program, visit the awana.org site and scroll down to the T&T section.