Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Our Church Leadership is dedicated to teaching the Word of God accurately and shepherding selflessly. Click here to learn more about our doctrinal distinctives.

Elder / Pastor

Jim Davis

Pastor Jim Davis was called to join the pastoral staff of Grace Bible Church in September of 2002, upon Pastor Jenkins’ retirement.  He and his wife Lori moved from Marshall, Texas where they served at Faith Bible Church. Jim Davis was born in Big Spring, Texas in 1954 and received Christ at an early age.  Although he was raised in Colorado City, he moved to San Marcos in the fall of 1972 to attend Southwest Texas University, and there he…
Elder / Pastor

Steve Hager

Steve Hager was born and raised in South Charleston, West Virginia.  Steve had heard the gospel most of his life but didn’t trust in Christ as his Savior until the age of 26, in response to an evangelistic Bible study given by his friend Paul Hoelzley. At that same Bible study, Steve got to know a woman by the name of Pat Motovick whom he later led to Christ and eventually married. The Hagers began married life together in Calgary,…
Elder / Pastor Emeritus

Tommy Jenkins

Tommy Jenkins is Elder Emeritus of Grace Bible Church.  He is a graduate of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Sociology and of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in New Testament.  Pastor Jenkins founded Grace Bible Church (then University Bible Church) in September of 1969.  The second Sunday after starting the church, he met Sue Anderson of Kansas City, Kansas, who began attending services.  Her…
Deacon – Grounds Maintenance

Ken Stanford

Deacon – Benevolence

Steve Guzmán

Deacon – Missions Finance

Paul Oskins