About Us

About Us

WELCOME to Grace Bible Church of San Marcos!

We are glad that you are considering joining us in ministry. Hopefully the information here will help you get an understanding of who we are and our calling to San Marcos & the Hill Country. Click the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

We would love for you to join us for Sunday Worship!


A Bible Church is an independent group of believers who hold to the historic Christian faith. During the early 1900s many churches began to deny truth presented in Scripture. As a result, leaders and laymen formed new churches not connected with any denomination. These churches often took the name Bible Church because their allegiance was to the Bible rather than to a denomination.


Our vision at Grace Bible Church is to glorify God by establishing a comprehensive training program that ministers to every spiritual and physical age group at their present level of maturity and to provide a healthy environment conducive to stimulating spiritual growth.


The mission of Grace Bible Church is to reflect the servitude and love of Jesus Christ as we…

  • Evangelize the Lost
  • Worship the Lord
  • Teach the Word
  • Fellowship Together
  • Serve Others


At Grace Bible Church we are committed to…

  • Submission to the authority of God’s Word and handling accurately the Word of Truth
  • Pursuit of a biblically proper balance and interrelationship between the divine institutions of family, church, and government
  • Obedience to the great commission by faithful support of missionaries and provision of short-term missions trips and active local outreach and evangelism

What To Expect

We Are happy you’re here! We are so glad that you’re interested in learning more about Grace Bible Church of San Marcos. We know that it can be difficult to go to a new church and we hope that this information helps you make the most of your time with us. We hope to see you soon! Where do I go when I arrive? Our Sanctuary is in our Main Building (located next door to the Wonderland School). Sunday Bible…

What We Believe

SCRIPTURE We believe that God superintended the authors of the Bible so that, using their own individual literary styles, they composed and recorded without error, in the original manuscripts, God’s divine revelation to man. Because of this, we believe the Bible to be the final authority, under God, in the life of the Christian, and that it is his duty to grow in the knowledge of the Word.   SALVATION We believe that a person is granted eternal life only…

Our Leadership

Our Church Leadership is dedicated to teaching the Word of God accurately and shepherding selflessly. Click here to learn more about our doctrinal distinctives.

Our History

In the summer of 1969, a small group of college students met for Bible study led by Tommy Jenkins, who had recently graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In September of the same year, a church was organized under the name University Bible Church. It was the desire of those organizing the church to have a strong non-denominational, Bible teaching church in San Marcos. In 1976, the present building was constructed, and in 1985, an Education building was built next…